SNP LA’s mission is to substantially reduce animal shelter euthanasia and intake by providing high quality, low-cost spay, neuter and wellness services to underserved communities in the Los Angeles area.


Our vision is to ensure that spay, neuter and wellness services are affordable and accessible to all pets’ families in the Los Angeles area and to create an environment in which animal shelters no longer euthanize adoptable pets.


SNP LA’s comprehensive approach to animal welfare consists of four program areas: Affordable Spay and Neuter, Low Cost Veterinary Wellness, Low Cost Vaccine Clinics, and Community Outreach and Advocacy. Over the past twenty years, high volume sterilization has become the accepted response to reduce animal shelter intake and the needless euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets. Prior to our launch, we collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to understand the problem and provide a practical solution. Our research showed the largest percentage of shelter impounds occur in areas where there is a high concentration of low-income residents. These areas, typically, have very limited access to affordable spay and neuter services, and the services that are present are inconsistent and limited in scope. This is where SNP sees a tremendous opportunity to serve. By providing high volume stationary veterinary clinics in targeted, underserved neighborhoods, staffed by veterinary professionals with expertise and sensitivity, and promoting the message of “We can fix this,” we can reach the goal of reducing shelter intake and eliminating euthanasia of healthy animals. Unfortunately, our services cannot come soon enough. In 2010, Los Angeles animal shelters took in over 200,000 dogs and cats. Of that number, just over 100,000 were euthanized.


The Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles was founded in 2007 under its previous corporate name, Clinico Inc. Thanks to generous funding support from PetSmart Charities and the Found Animals Foundation, SNP LA began providing low cost surgeries from a temporary location at the Southeast Area Animal Control Shelter. In May 2008, our first permanent clinic location opened in Pico Rivera. This success was soon followed by the launch of our San Pedro location in May 2009 and our Van Nuys location in July 2010. In September 2016, SNP LA was gratified to relocate our Van Nuys clinic to Best Friends’ Pet Adoption and Spay/Neuter Center in Mission Hills and in 2018 we relocated our Pico Rivera clinic to the Best Friends Pet Resource Center in Los Angeles.  SNP LA has spayed and neutered over 160,000 cats and dogs — preventing millions of animals from being born into homelessness and helping to cut in half the number of pets being euthanized in LA city shelters.