Bordetella Vaccine

SNP LA carries the Bordetella vaccine. Bordetella is also known as “kennel cough.” All dogs should receive this vaccine if they are exposed to high-risk areas such as boarding, grooming, dog parks, and any other situation where they are interacting with unknown dogs.

The earliest a dog should receive this vaccine is at 10 weeks of age. It also needs to be repeated again in 3 to 4 weeks after the initial vaccine in order to get full protection. This vaccine then needs to be repeated every six months in high-risk dogs. It is important to know that this vaccine does not provide immediate protection. Dogs should get vaccinated at least one week prior to potential exposure.

Dogs contract Bordetella by inhaling aerosolized organisms. Clinical signs usually develop between three and ten days after exposure. Dogs generally will have a dry cough that can be elicited when palpating the trachea. Bordetella infections are generally self-limiting (will resolve), however secondary infections can occur and make conditions worse (causing diseases like pneumonia). If your dog is coughing, please seek veterinary care.

Prevention is the best medicine. Vaccinate your dog today.

SNP LA offers low cost vaccines at all three of our locations – Mission Hills, San Pedro, and Los Angeles.

Please come by and we can help you determine what vaccines your pet needs to prevent unnecessary diseases from happening.